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Chip n Dale Distributing Co. was started in 1990 by entrepreneur Dale Gullickson in Sioux Falls, SD. His interest and love for coffee nurtured his desire to make that his business focus. After spending a couple of years studying and traveling the country to learn all he could about this unique drink most of us take for granted, he developed a line of quality coffee products, coffee supplies and a service program that he considered would be second to none.

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“Good coffee is no accident”, he often says. Only after this extensive preparation did Dale add “coffee” to his company name and began a complete coffee service. Since 1995 the name CHIP N DALE COFFEE CO. has been synonymous with the highest quality of products, coffee supplies and service in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. His coffee is unique in that he controls his various blends from the green beans of the producing countries to the end use in the cup.

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Our intent is to remain small enough to be personal yet large enough to provide the quantity and quality of products and service our clients need. Let Chip N Dale be your office coffee distributor!