The GX Series Brewer is similar to the GK Series but with a larger tank and a few additional features. This modular family is designed around the changing operation of your business. The GX Series' features include auto-arm, visa-brew, back-up pour over, optional bypass and multi-pot selection with multi-voltage. Great for higher volume accounts!

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The R Series is composed of both pour-over models and automatic brewers with a back-up pour over feature. All brewers have attractive vinyl and stainless steel construction with a large branding area. Easy to clean with life long components providing years of trouble free performance. Our vintage, classic, old-school, glass bowl brewer would be the perfect addition for the coffee lovers in your office.

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R Series

The NK Series Brewer has many unique features such as a ready brew light for optimum brewing temperature, independent hot water faucet, and back-up pour in feature. Chip n Dale Coffee Company have added a branding box that offers an updated style, hiding the switches from the end user, while providing a sleek cover with the option of your company's logo and artwork to capture your coffee audience. Switches are viewable with a simple flip, and gives the operator brewing instructions at a glance. Private labeling is now offered with Newco's state of the art branding capabilities. 

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• Caribou
• X-cafe Liquid Coffee
• Keurig - 1 cup

Our coffee company also provides Newco and Bunn. Our commitment is to strive for perfection in the coffee service business. Our aim is 100% satisfaction. We are here to serve you!


NK Series

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GX Series

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Chip N Dale Coffee Co. is a distributor of coffee supplies in Sioux Falls, SD. We also service  surrounding areas in Eastern SD, NW Iowa, and SW Minnesota. We specialize in cappuccino, hot chocolate, and smoothies and offer quality beverages and equipment. We're a  locally owned coffee company and a member of the Better Business Bureau.